Welcome to Vijolīte !


Everybody is kindly invited to join violin and viola classes!




What does Vijolīte offer?

All children and youth aged 6 to 106, who are interested in learning to play violin, viola or viola d’amore are welcome to the Studio. I believe that everyone can learn to play! Moreover, music skills make an important part of a harmoniously developed personality.


Violin or Viola?

Violin is considered the queen of musical instruments due to its bright and intense sound. Viola is bigger in size and is tuned a fifth lower than violin, so it has a milder sound that is closer to human’s voice. Many famous composers played this instrument with pleasure, for example, Bach, Mozart and Schubert. Worldwide well-known violists retain that it is necessary to enhance more talented children to learn to play viola, breaking the old and unfair prejudice that only ”unsuccessful violinists” become violists. Viola deserves mastery too!


Viola d’Amore

Viola d’amore combines violin’s high and viola’s low pitch. Both violinists and violists can learn to play this instrument.


About Lessons

During individual and group lessons we will learn the oldest form of human communication – the language of music. With music we can express the emotions and feelings, which cannot be conveyed by words. I provide individual approach according to a student’s age, skills and interests. I use creative and proved teaching methods and guarantee high professional standards.